Extra Wide

Our newest additions: 1/2 inch wide Black Rubber Bands, Size 82, 84 & more. Outdoor UV Rated.


Real Customer Testimonials

I use these in my car, which can get to be 140° during our Texas summer.
They are the only rubber bands that have ever held up for more than six months, and I love them. -Kenny


This is the best rubber band I own, so much better than the supermarket ones, 3 times more durable, doesn't get sticky or soften, I use to tie my hair, only this rubber band can withstand such rigors Work, excellent! -Kim


These are packaged in plastic bags containing 4 ounces of them. I bought them to hold down lightweight items like plastic storage containers on the
top shelf of the dishwasher so they don't go flying around during the cycle or turn over and collect wash water. Between the heat, hot water and detergent, it must be a torture test for them. Regular rubber-band-ball rubber bands break down quickly and snap in a week or two. I started using these six weeks ago and have yet to experience a single failure. I am completely satisfied with their performance. -Vance


Even after a year, none of these that I use daily in my dishwasher have snapped! I've retired a few of them after a year because they get a little stretched out, but none have broken! The only ones I've lost are those that have slipped off their moorings and been digested by the dishwasher. Great product that exceeded my expectations.

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    Made in USA, our High Heat/UV Bands are the preferred choice of professionals in healthcare, horticulture and more...

  • #33 Size 3.5 inch x 1/8"

    Longer than our Size #32 bands, these are perfect for hair ties, bundling papers or posters.

  • #64 Size 3.5 inch x 1/4"

    Our flagship rubber band, the #64 size is the most popular size rubber band there is, the same used by the postal service.

Happy Days are here


Many rubber bands are produced from oil, and can last for decades in the environment. We source our raw natural latex from small family owned sustainable tree farms in Thailand.

Recyclable & Compostable

Don't throw in the trash!, when your rubber bands have done everything they can for you, toss them in the recycle bin or your compost pile, the natural rubber will break down and give its nutrients to your soil.

Tested & Verified!

Through many years of prototyping & field testing we believe we
have created the highest quality UV stabilized Black Rubber Bands, These are high heat & cold resistant and therefore are perfect for Postal & Nursery applications.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for 100% satisfaction, if your not happy than we are not either and will do whatever it takes to make things right